Magical Words

Magical words like 'sorry', 'thank you', 'please' hold enormous power. It can improve the existing relationships, dissolve anger, soothe shattered pride or heal a broken heart. Life becomes happier and simpler by using these words.

On 21 February, 2018 students of class I A presented a marvelous class assembly on the theme 'Magical words' which left the audience mesmerized. A beautiful invite was made before the programme by the students which depicted the theme and all the teachers and students were invited to it in the school assembly area.

The assembly started with a melodious song rendered by the students, which was then followed by a few quotes that stressed upon the magical words. A dance drama was performed to bring out the consequence of being selfish and rude. The class assembly was also complemented by a short speech on the importance of magical words.

The programme was short yet sweet. It left an impact on the audience to use these words often. Students were congratulated and appreciated for their effort and confidence they showcased.

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