Elements of a Genius Class

Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. You are your best cheerleader, your best critic and most importantly you are the best there would ever be. Yes, it takes a lot of courage to be you, to say yes when everyone else says no, so class 11 A took this opportunity to remind you that, you are your strongest when you accept yourself. We all do care about what others think and are very apprehensive and hesitant to speak up and be ourselves. It's only human, but this fear gives us another opportunity to rise higher than before. After all, making mistakes is much better than faking perfections. Being members of a genius class, they all discovered their true selves and the hidden potential was tapped right out. We learnt a lot and that an original is worth much more than a copy. The inspiration that' we are all as unique as each star' was depicted through a simply heartwarming play and equally motivational song.

Be of your own genre,
Take it from the elements of a genius class,
It's only elementary.

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