Class X A Assembly

The Power Of Determination

The twelfth of July was a special day as the tenth graders were ready to exhibit their skills, inner talent and to pay homage to the brave warriors of our nation who fought selflessly for the independence of India. The determination and the drive to strive to excel was very well portrayed in the programme. The programme started with recognizing the determination possessed by the freedom fighters from each part of our country which led them to help in freeing us from the British rule. The students also spoke how the freedom fighters from different regions of India faced the hurdles put in front of them and ultimately even risked their lives. These were followed by indigenously and beautifully choreographed authentic dances from each region which the audience enjoyed thoroughly. The programme ended on a note with the teachers stressing the need to be determined in life and to never have no as an answer. As the assembly ended everyone who watched it was inspired to work towards his/her goal taking each step in anticipation of a challenge and moving towards excellence. Determination in life keeps us focused and never lets us deviate. Thus, determination is the key to success.

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